Dj StefM

As well as composing my own music i have also enjoyed doing quite a few gigs as a Dj. I started messing around on the decks in 1998 as there was often a pair of Technics set up in my Sheffield flat after parties and weekend sessions. It wasn’t until 2000 when i managed to rescue a much abandoned set of 1200’s for a reasonable price from a pub in Bridlington that i started taking it seriously. After years of playing mostly the harder and more psychedelic side of dance music, these days i am more inclined to select reggae music from my record bag and throw in some world beats for good measure. For the last few years i have been a regular part of the Dj team at Musicport world music festival and Coastival where i get to spin some of my old ska and rocksteady records as well as my world music infused dub.

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